I sold my Peugeot 106xsi and bought this VW Transporter 1.9d

It's a 1993 model with 89,000 miles on the clock, cost 2800 in Dec 2001, does 600 odd miles to a tank (80 litres) and will travel at 80mph all day

It was already ply-lined. I made some brackets out of alloy and pop riveted them into the van, hopefully they'll be strong enough to strap the bike to.

Here are some images of the Triumph strapped into the van. To load a bike I stand next to it and clutch and throttle it up a ramp (from
Ramps Direct). I put the front wheel against the front of the van, put the bike in gear and tie the front brake on. If the bike has a side stand then I use it. I then strap the bars to the front corners of the van and I sit on the tank to compress the forks and tighten the straps. This should be enough to hold the bike securely, but just in case a strap breaks or a bracket comes loose I also put two more straps to the side of the van from the rear of the bike.

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