Trackdays and Racing

Spitfires, Pembrey, 13 October 2001

Race Results and Reports - Results and Reports from my races with NGMCC
Trackday Tips and Links - The best tips I've heard and some helpful links
California Superbike School - My review of Day 1 of the Keith Code California Superbike School
Track Information - UK circuit map information, where they are, circuit maps.
First Trackday - Everyone remembers their first time, mine was Pembrey 13 October 2001 with
Images from Pembrey - Trackday pictures finally added
Racing Costs - This is a summary of how much it has cost me to get ready for the 2002 season
Crashing - My crash history - what I learned, what I hurt, what it cost
VW Transporter Van - My VW Transporter, including bike loading and strapping tips/images
Lap Speed Calculator - Compare your times and speeds to club or national racers
Generator - Details of the 2.2Kw generator I bought off Ebay
Various Images - Darren and Cath at Pembrey, Ian Wiltshire and Simon Knowlson at Thruxton

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