2Kw Jetman Generator

I bought this genny for a shade over 200 all in from Straight Forward Supplies Ltd (via Ebay). It arrived the day after I gave the guy my credit card details, I put some oil and petrol in it and it started on the second pull. First pull did break the crappy plastic handle, in fact I hardly touched it. Hmmm.

The Ebay ad said it was 2.2kva which equates to roughly 1.7kw, but the label and accompanying book state that its output is 2.0Kw (2.5Kva) and max output is 2.2Kw (2.75Kva). I haven't tested it though, so I don't know what it is. I know that our kettle is 2000 watts and it boiled pretty quickly if thats any help. You have to have the throttle on a fair way to get it to kick out any juice and it just keeps running (I know some other peoples switch off if no electrical appliances are attached). It also has a 'foreign' adaptor, so you need to wire into that. This wasn't a problem for me, I just bought some campsite spec electric hook-up cable and put a single garden use socket on the other end and I plug a 4 point socket into that (the more fuses in the line the better?).

I haven't used it properly but it ran a drill, jigsaw and sander all at the same time and like I said it boiled the kettle okay so it seems okay to me. Each of the pics below is a link to a bigger pic.

Close up of the label