This is a record of how much I have spent in order to start racing in 2002


Road legal FZR400rrsp

FZR400rrsp, road legal, MOT'd, taxed and insured, cost 1674.30 (see
here for details).

BSR Brake Hoses
Braided Steel Racing Brake Hoses. Everyone says to fit steel brake hoses, but it's not a technical requirement (at the moment). These were a gift, but I think it all came in at about 75 and I fitted them myself. For more details try the bsr-aerotech site.

EBC Prolites and HH pads
EBC Pro-lite brake discs and EBC HH pads. The discs were warped. Standard Yamaha discs were 115 each, second hand discs were around 50 each (try Seastars). Luckily Zoom Products have a racer discount scheme for ACU licence holders which meant that I could get the discs for 85 each and pads for 13 per caliper. An added bonus is that when I need replacement discs I'll only need to buy the rotors which are 50 each. These racer discount prices include vat and postage is free for orders over 100. Total spent was 196

Crash Bungs

Crash Bungs. Got these from Rhencullen. They were really helpful on the 'phone and the bungs were only 40

Fluid Catch Tray
Fluid catch tray. A requirement. I got mine for 35 from Race Products . As it's a universal tray it comes quite big, I had to cut it down and then fibre-glass it to fit the bike. If I was doing it again I would probably buy a complete race fairing with the catch tray built in. You live and learn.

NGK Cr9 plugs, fuel filter, jubilee clips, lock wire

I gave the bike a general service before taking it to Darren. Oil and filter, NGK Cr9 plugs, lockwired the sump plug, oil filter and oil filler cap and I changed the fuel filter and grips. Cost roughly 60 at a guess.

Darren Hill Motorcycles Parnell Rd Garage Parnell Rd, Clevedon BS21 6DB
Tel: 01275 343025
I wanted to make sure that the engine was okay before the season started, just to be on the safe side. Darren Hill runs his own garage and specialises in service and repair. He doesn't sell bikes or accessories but if it's decent repairs at an affordable price that you're after then he's your man. He used to race a CBR600 and this years is on a Ducati in the classic series, so he knows a bit about preparing a race bike. Darren checked the valves and adjusted the 7 that were out as well as giving the bike a decent look over. Worth every penny of the 140 bill.
K&N Air Filter
K&N air filter. The original paper element was looking tired so I was advised (by Darren Hill) to replace it. The standard Yamaha part was 38 so I gave Kirsty at 400cc spares specialist Elliotts a call. K&N filter, cleanable and alledgedly good for 1,000,000 miles, not to mention freer flowing for more power - 32. The bike sounds better now too, not quite so timid.

Renthal Sprockets
I decided (for one reason or another) to replace the sprockets and found B and C Express to be the people to talk to. I bought 15 and 16 teeth fronts and a 44 rear, to go with the 45 rear I've already got. I junked the 16 I had as it was slightly loose on the gearbox shaft. I think it all cost about 55.


Hein Gericke Track Leather Suit

Hein Gericke 'Track' one-piece leathers. This suit had a good write up in both Ride magazine and MCN. It also came recommended from a couple of Bemsee racers, who have crash tested HG leathers and were okay. Usually 550, I got them for 319 in a sale. For more info try the HG website.

Axo RR5 Helmet

Axo RR5 Helmet. Good enough for Neil Hodgson in 2000, good enough for me. 199.99 from Riders of Bridgewater

Shoei Interceptor Ukawa rep Helmet

Shoei Interceptor Ukawa replica helmet. My AXO lid protected me well when I fell off at Llandow (see my race reports page). Unfortunately, the impact and slide wrote it off. J & S were having a sale and I couldn't resist, down from 389.99 to 199.99

Knox KC2000 Back Protector

Knox KC2000 back protector. Everyone I asked said to buy Knox. It fits perfectly under my leathers which surprised me because it looks so big. Got it in the January sale at Motorcycle City for 79.99.

Oxtar TCS Boots

Oxtar TCS Boots. Alledgedly one of the best pairs of race boots you can buy, I got them in a sale at Hein Gericke, down from 150 to 100.

Just Bikers Gloves

Just Bikers Racing Gloves. Not sure of the product name, but they look the part and seem to have the stitching and padding in all the right places. 39.99 . Bargain.

Pro-Slide Sliders

Pro-Slide Sliders. These were a gift, match my bash hat and were 20. I'll get Wiz ones next time though, rumour has it they are the business.


Licence Fees etc

Licence Fees etc: ACU licence 27, Novice jacket 5, NGMCC Club membership 16, Dog tags (with name, dob and blood group on) from the local pet shop 5

Fire Putter Outer

Fire Extinguisher: From Screwfix Direct, 34.99.

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