Cath bought me some guitar lessons for Christmas in 2004. I didn't like the lessons, but I loved the guitar. I soon gave the 99 Earthfire guitar I bought to learn on Caths dad and sold everything I could to raise the cash to buy a Taylor 314. Don't know why, it just did something for me. I don't deserve it, am no-where near good enough to justify it, but Cath had just announced she was pregnant so I treated myself!

When Jasmine was born I treated myself a Line6 300 Variax and a Roland 30 Cube amp and a Vintage VECJ100N Jumbo. Before anyone asks, Cath got an eternity ring - okay? The Variax has something like 27 guitars in it. A friend, Duncan, makes it sound awesome. I just make it make sounds..... The Vintage was far, far cheaper than the Taylor, but its the guitar I am happy to take places and let anyone play. Jazz likes playing it to - I've yet to let her sticky fingers near the Taylor.... If I am totally honest, if I had bought the Vintage first I may not have bought the Taylor. Its not as good a guitar and when you play them back to back you can feel and hear the difference, but in its own right the Vintage is an excellent guitar. I've played a few other Vintage brand guitars and not liked them at all, I think I just got lucky with mine.

In early 2008 I decided to sell off the rest of my old bike stuff, including the Aprilia RS250, CBR250 and loads of spares. WIth the money I got really lucky on Ebay and bought a Dick Knight Jumbo with unbelievable tone.