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Jasmine Lily - Our beautiful daughter arrived on 29 June 2006 weighing in at 7lbs 2oz
My Guitars - Since Dec 2004 I've been learning guitar. So why am I still so crap?
The RS250 Pages - A page about an Aprilia RS250 I rebuilt
The FZR400 Pages - Pages about the FZR400rr sp, from my FZR400RR SP Project to the mods I've made for racing
Trackdays & Racing - The FZR gets on the track
T595 Rear Stripdown - How to strip the rear of a T595 when the eccentric adjuster seizes
T595 Clutch and bearing repair - How to replace the clutch basket and alternator spline bearing
T595 Changing the Chain - How to change the chain and sprockets on a Triumph T595
T595 Major Service - A major service (12000+) plus suspension, linkages etc etc
My Favourite Links - The sites that I think are worth a look
Last updated 27 Feb 2007 RS250

Note: Apologies, Freeola's server crashed and lost my entire site. In 2003, my PC crashed and I never got around to re-downloading my site from Freeola, so bits are missing. I've reloaded everything I have and will try and get some more from the Internet archives. Unfortunately it doesn't always grab images, so some photos are lost forever. This also means that various links on here won't work, possibly ever.

Ah well, that'll learn me, it needed tidying up anyway...